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So many English learners have spent years studying grammar and learning to read and write English but still have trouble speaking English

Does this describe you?

Listening and speaking are the most important skills.

We learned our first language by listening and speaking, remember?

Lots of listening and then speaking little by little.

We all have the capacity to learn a language this way but have been redirected from these skills by the poor language instruction most of us have had in school.

With practice you will be able to flip a mental switch and think in the target language.

Like turning on a light switch, you will be able to turn it off and back on as needed.



Always relax yourself before self-study or a class by using whatever methods you know. You will learn more and enjoy yourself more if you are not tense.


Listen again and try “shadowing”. Echo what you hear, or if there is a text, read it out loud immediately after the voice on the recording. We can talk more about shadowing in class.


Repeat everything! Listen to audio files, podcasts or songs several times, not just once. Each time you listen, focus on something new…. comprehension, pronunciation, intonation, word order, collocations.


Review any lessons that you have done a week later, then, three weeks later, then, a few months later. This is the way to be sure that you have moved the lessons from short term memory to long term memory and really learned the material.


Please don’t think I can “feed English” to you.

Please don’t think you can *lie down on the job.

* lie down on the job: idiom meaning to not work as hard at something as you should

I’m not a company (…) I just want to provide the best service for my clients.

All meetings take place in my office located in Bytom or via Skype
I do not offer Trial lessons.

My Skype Classroom.

First of all, the Skype classroom will give you a wonderful chance to practice your conversational English. Also, coaching via Skype gives both the coach and the client unlimited access to English teaching materials that are just a click away!

Secondly, the effectiveness of the conversation is improved as online whiteboards and Skype screen sharing enable me, to easily share my visual material with you during the class.

Furthermore, experience has taught me that clients may not fully understand what is being said to them. So, during our live online English class, both you and I can use instant messaging to check spelling of unknown words or structures used in the class, to explain grammar problems, and to correct any mistakes.


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